13 juin
The Vision
par Sean dans la catégorie SLAM 2011

The Vision

It started with pain, it started with anger.

It all started when I knew I couldnt live without her.

The doctors are supposed to know, really.

I guess having confidence in them was kinda silly.

I always ask why good people have to die.

I never got a good enough reason so i just scream and cry.

The mistake they made was wrong and it cost her, her life.

How do you know what goes on when depression stabs you like a knife.

So one day a vision came along, so violent and vivid it was impossible to control.

I guess with all the pain i had, it took over me. It took all.

I killed them in my vision, I slaughtered them all.

Is it me doing this or a darkness within that took over and made the rest of me stall.

When you lose someone you love you lose part of yourself, its feels like hell.

It was the hardest thing in my whole life to say farewell.


Design conçu par Alexis Vaillant